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of the pressure receptors therefore appears to be crucial to the perpetuation of the reflexive action and prevents thereby the spontaneous recovery from the reflexively triggered bradycardia (asystole) or periphal vasodilation with circulatory failure, making death the immediate consequence." (. If the medical staff censure or reprove you, bear in mind that doctors generally know just as much about breath control play as the rest of the population which is next to nothing. ( DD ).B. See a doctor if discomfort persists after play. (cited from Wise ) Avoid inducing unconsciousness altogether or restrict its occurrence to once per session. The answer is: You basically can't." ( Wisa ) Information relating to specific cardiac problems which can arise from a combination of several physiological mechanisms can be found here in an excerpt from " Death Following the Application of Choke or Carotid Holds " (. Sudden death of healthy persons exclusively as a result of (not excessively rough) stimulation of the carotid-sinus is a scientific legend which authors copy from one another. This (highly experimental) advice is primarily intended for those who insist on keeping their partners submerged until they are half dead: everyone else simply stops before there is any danger of any real harm being done. " in a slightly condensed form in German. One of the cases reported in Max87 is of particular practical and legal interest and is described in greater detail in Fatalities in the Presence of a Partner not yet translated. Such injuries are not easily inflicted and should not really occur all too often within the parameters of bdsm. This can lead to death although only after quite a long period of time has elapsed (in the relevant literature, the actual duration of this process is shrouded in silence).

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Orgasm torture schwitzkasten budenheim Concomitant with the effects of anoxaemia on the heart, cardiac arrest may be the outcome To avoid inhalation of water, one could consider making use of the phenomenon described in the section concerning Hyperventilation : ones partner could be made to hyperventilate beforehand, suppressing the. Cumulative Brain Damage from Repeated Anoxaemic States "In addition to the primary danger of cardiac arrest, there is good evidence to document that there is a very real risk of cumulative brain damage if the practice is repeated often enough. The pressure may cause dislodgement of atherosclerotic material with a stroke due to an embolus. The thick pipe, which parts into two, is the carotid artery; the long thin strands are nerves. Eine Kopie der Seite in ein anderes Webprojekt ist ausdrücklich nicht erlaubt.
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Ruined orgasm compilation. da hier andere Voraussetzungen gegeben sind. Pressure applied to the neck) of the carotid-reflex. Do not hold your partner submerged under water for so long that the inhalation of water becomes inevitable. However, given that obstructive asphyxiation as it occurs in sport activities is low risk, obstructive asphyxiation as an act of grievous bodily harm is to be regarded as nothing other than high risk since it occurs under quite different conditions. Sensors situated at this bifurcation monitor the body's blood pressure. Hyperventilation Hyperventilation does not count as one of the direct risks of breath control play (it is associated more with the risks of diving). Miscellaneous Petechiae : As a result of increased pressure within the head (such as when veins in the neck are obstructed, most typically in strangulation) small vessels can burst, especially in the gums of the mouth, eyelids, and in the conjunctiva. These remain visible for several days and, although not nice to look at, are generally harmless. Some people value the sensations which it generates and leave it at that.

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Inhalation Inhalation of Vomit In assaults which involve strangulation or during auto-erotic breath control play also, it can occur that the victim/partner vomits. The probability of someone vomiting is considerably raised by: the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs an already clouded awareness or unconsciousness It can never be ruled out entirely: one should always be prepared for the possibility that a helpless partner for whatever reason could vomit. Drawing from experiences in martial sport disciplines, the most significant factor causing death is undoubtedly the duration of the assault,.e. We are of the opinion that the risk of sudden death of natural cause during the practice of such a sport as judo is much greater than the risk of death resulting from obstructive asphyxiation. For individuals with a hyperactive carotid-sinus reflex, the so-called carotid-sinus syndrome can cause momentary unconsciousness and even a brief cardiac arrest. Relevant literature provides details of fatalities which have atelier kunzmann irrgarten hannover resulted from vomit which for want of free passage through the mouth or because of the particular position in which the unconscious victim happened to be lying entered the lungs. Old age, severe cardiovascular illness) and/or the presence of toxic substances (alcohol, drugs). There is only a twenty to thirty percent chance of fully recovering from a ruptured aneurysm in the brain, the probability of death is the same. However, there is the occasional report of asthma sufferers who find that they are personally more able to manage their condition since engaging in breath control play in a sexual context.